Don't hesitate to ask us about your custom needs!
We encourage you to simply tell us what kind of things you need for your website and we can quote you a price or at least give you an estimate of how much it will cost. However we do have a couple of hosting packages below that cover what most people are looking for. If you aren't sure what you need for your website then please Contact Us Directly and tell us in plain English what you need and we can help.

If you just need a simple website to show off photos of your family or maybe you have a small business and want a website to direct your customers to then this is the plan you will mostly likely need. This plan doesn't support databases or handle any custom email boxes but you can use things like JavaScript and ASP code. Ideal for websites that don't change very often

  • ASP and JavaScript

  • MS FrontPage Support

  • 1Gb Transfer

No Setup Fee

$60 a year

If you have a small business website that needs to support a database, does daily backups, or has special programs that need to be run then you probably need this type of hosting plan

  • Database Support (MySQL, MSAccess, ODBC Connection)
  • Up to 5 Email Accounts

$20 Setup

$10 / month

We don't need to keep it simple! We are capable of supporting virtually anything you might need for your website, big or small. From MSSQL databases and DTS Packages to Shopping Carts and SSL certificates, we have experience creating and maintaining high-end websites and would be glad to help you with yours. Feel free to Contact Us Directly and tell us about what you need!

  • Small Changes To Your Website
  • Full website design and implementation
  • MSSQL 2000
  • Dedicated Hosting

Custom Work

$50 / hour
$10 minimum




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