We offer simple web hosting to simple people!
Putting up a website shouldn't be complicated. We understand that most people are NOT technically inclined but would just like to have a website to promote their business or to share pictures with their friends and families. We can help you setup everything without hassling you for the details. Even if you know nothing about websites.

We offer to help you get started with your website even if you don't have a website and have no idea where to start. We can help you pick a design, help you make it, show you how to maintain it or we can maintain it for you. We can even make one for you from start to finish, even if you need complicated or custom work done. We don't just host websites, we professionally design and build them also. From simple personal websites to corporate intranets, just let us know what kind of website you had in mind and we can probably make one for you!

If you know nothing about websites or don't want to be bothered with complicated forms and questions you can simply email us using the link below. You can tell us in your own words what you need and how much you were planning on spending and we'll give you an idea of what we can offer you:

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Designed for personal websites with lots of photos or simple small business websites to display store location, prices and products. Ideal if your website doesn't need to be updated every day.

More complicated websites that need connections to a database, require their own email address or need other special programs installed

You don't need to keep it simple! We will gladly discuss what your needs are and quote you a price on anything from a high-traffic shopping website to creating your corporate intranet!


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